Omega Prime Group Successfully Concludes Strategic Soft Launch and Blockchain Application Exchange Conference (South Korea)

Jointly organized by Omega Prime Group and Hashtechz, the Strategic Soft Launch and Blockchain Application Exchange Conference, was successfully held in Jeju Island, South Korea.

The summit was one of the most closely watched and highly anticipated events of the year within the blockchain, Fintech and cryptocurrency world, attracting over 600 blockchain and fintech enthusiasts from all over Asia. The event included participants from China, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, Cambodia, Myanmar and Singapore who gathered to discuss and learn about the latest trends in the blockchain, Fintech and cryptocurrency industries.

In addition to blockchain and fintech enthusiasts, attendees present at the event included members of prominent media organizations and distinguished representatives of various corporations, institutions as well as professional bodies.
The opening ceremony of the event kicked off with Mr. Viktor Boris, Chief Managing Director of Omega Prime Group, delivering the keynote address which touched upon current trends, challenges and opportunities facing the blockchain and Fintech industry as well as how organizations can rise to the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities.

Omega Prime Group is a fast-growing financial technology firm established in 2016 with over $100 Million in Assets under Management (AUM) globally. The company is a leader within the Fintech field and Omega Prime Hashtechz,is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) -based trading product developed by Omega Prime Group.

Guest speakers at the event includes award-winning speaker, Ms. Jean Y. Foo who spoke at length about the role of Artificial Intelligence in cryptocurrency trading. She stated that due to the digital currency market’s volatility and vulnerability to manipulation, trading risks are very high. In addition, ordinary investors lack professional knowledge and are prone to emotional influences in the face of drastic market fluctuations which would often result in investment losses.

In the future, artificial intelligence applications such as Hashtechz arbitrage software by Omega Prime Group Limited can be used to analyze current and historical data for more comprehensive monitoring and analysis of abnormal fluctuations in the digital currency markets as well as ensure strict adherence to determined trading strategies, thereby greatly reducing the trading risk of ordinary investors.

Another special guest speaker, Vice President of H&K Partners and blockchain entrepreneur, Mark Hwang also proceeded to share his insights on how blockchain technology is making its relevance felt in our daily lives. He said that blockchain technology will gradually mature and electronic payment and bills, digital identities, smart cities, etc. will inevitably incorporate some form of blockchain technology. However most of the mainstream digital currencies on the market for now are being used as speculative assets.

As such, the market is highly volatile and lacks real-world utilitarian value. Such a situation is highly likely to evolve and cease to exist in the future. In place of a multitude of cryptocurrencies whose primary purpose is to serve as speculative instruments, stablecoins such as SGDX by SingXchange and other stablecoins issued by large institutions such as Facebook will see widespread adoption.

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